Throw & Geaux



Throw & Geaux provides demolition of small buildings, trees, fences, inground basketball goals, rotten playground sets and more. Our team is fast and will make sure safety is top priority for all demolition jobs.

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Shed Demolition is available as well. 

We are now doing demolition in the Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Baton Rouge areas!

Playset Removal Before
playset demo Mandeville, la
playset demo ponchatoula
shed removal before
Playset Removal Before
Playset Removal After
before Tree Removal
After Tree Removal
Demolition in Madisonville before
Demolition in Madisonville after
Pergola Removal
after pergola removal
shed demo after
Carport Removal
after Carport Removal
Tree Trunk Removal
After Tree Trunk Removal
Shed tear down
after shed tear down
porch cover demo
porch cover removal
Swing set removal
Water Heater Removal
Shed Removal
Concrete demolition
concrete demo after
demo before
playhouse tear down
hot tub removal
hot tub removal after
pergola demolition
after pergola demolition
hot tub removals
demolition after removal of hot tub
hot tub removing
demolition after
Shed Demolition in Lafayette La before
Shed Demolition in Lafayette, La after pic
Shed Demolition Youngsville
Shed Demolition After Youngsville
Shed Demolition Before Photo in Lafayette
Demolition of shed after photo
Planter Box Removal
dumpsters for rent

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